jasmijn Online

Age 24
Body normal
Character Naiv, Romantisch, Sinnlich, Tabulos, Zärtlich
Bust size 75 B
Eyes braun
Gender weiblich
Hair brünett
Hair length lang
Height 162 cm
Hobbies I like reading marvel comics, getting out to pubs with friends and going roller skating.
Languages Englisch
Nationality Deutschland
Piercings keins
Sexual preferences Naiv, Romantisch, Sinnlich, Tabulos, Zärtlich
Preferences bisexuell
Shaving vollrasiert
Skin color weiss
Zodiac Widder
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I am a slender brunette, always looking to find my true love. I am passionate - and I always give 100% of myself. I enjoy sex and webcam chat - maybe you would like to join me?