FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Which benefits do I gain by becoming a premium member on Camspion?
By paying 8,99 Euro/month for a premium membership you will have access to a 24/7 webcam flatrate that offers lots of various girls showing their liveshow. (This includes HD Cams, 3D Cams and sunbed-cams).
How will these payments show up on my credit card or bank account statement?
The payment subject is completely discreet and will not reveal that you have been paying for adult online services.
How can I cancel the 24 hour free Premium trial?
The 24 hour free Premium trial ends automatically after the 24 hours have elapsed. No explicit cancellation is required.

Technical Issues / System Requirements

I can not see the webcams and I am always asked for username and password. Why?
Please change your browser settings. You have to accept "third party cookies".

Here you can see how to change this setting in Mozilla Firefox.

In Internet Explorer you can find this setting here:
Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced -> activate checkbox "Override automatic cookie handling"
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Your firewall must allow outgoing TCP connections to port 1935. If you can watch videos on YouTube and other "Tube" sites, this is most likely already the case.
Flash Player
All Cams use Adobe Flash player. Please ensure that you always have the newest version installed on your computer. You can find a free download on http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.
Video streams appear choppy.
Most cams are sent with HD resolution, so you need at least 2 MBit/s download speed to be able to watch the video streams in full quality. Most DSL or Cable ISPs provide this speed. Wireless "3G" networks are usually unable to provide this data rate continuously.